The Light That Never Fades

In a sahih hadeeth narrated by Muadz;

The meaning: Knowledge is the leader and action is the follower.

Umar bin Abdul Aziz once said that whoever does anything without knowledge over the related subject, what he damages is more than what he fixes.

I another sahih hadeeth, it is narrated that the most harsh words being said to the prophet Muhammad S.A.W was “O messenger of Allah, have taqwa in Allah”. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W answered back, “Is not it me, the one that have the highest taqwa in Allah?”

A man with knowledge is far better than a man of action or worship. This is a fact that we often neglect, as we judge a person according to his outer appearance, not his knowledge. Knowledge is a light that never fades, and the light shines down to the people who learn, benefiting the teacher who teaches. Spirit and strong will is nothing without knowledge, they have to move in parallel with one another to give rise to true Islamic success, mentioned in the religion of Islam as the success of ‘dunya wal akhirah’. Spirit and strong will can and will fade, but knowledge grows and never fades.

avicenna*Ibnu Sina or famously known in the west as ‘Avicenna’ was the most famous Islamic scholar of human diseases and their treatments during his time.

Starting from the enlightenment era of the west during the 18th century, Muslims worldwide started loosing their possession of knowledge be it in philosophy, mathematics, science and others. One of the main reasons for this very unfortunate happening is ‘wahn’ or predicted and stated clearly by prophet Muhammad S.A.W as ‘the love of the worldly life’ in one of the sahih hadeeths. When knowledge flourishes throughout the Islamic community back then, it came along with wealth. Without adequate religious knowledge and deep Islamic understanding, they simply loose their knowledge and choose worldly desires as a replacement instead.

Now, we have come to know that the teachings of Islam in the most practical and effective way is Tarbiyyah, and Tarbiyyah prepares the soul to be ready to overcome whatever obstacles and tribulation that might come. A quick example, political leaders with Tarbiyyah will put Islamic knowledge ahead of anything, and they depend more on Allah. They see everything in the eyes of taqwa, not in the scope that only benefits their own political party. They agree to who ever with Al-Haq and goodness, even if the people are from other political parties. They analyse things before they disagree, they disagree for the cause of Allah, with no personnel interest. In the book ‘Fiqh Daawah’ by Mushthafa Masyur, he writes; “Assyahid Imam Hassan Al- Banna taught us of how important for us to uphold the way of Tarbiyyah (knowledge acquisition) and preparing Muslim individuals as the one that hold firm to aqidah…”

Oo Allah, bring back the glory of Islam… Wallahua’lam.

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